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Kickboxing works every muscle in your body!
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Kickboxing now in Olney,
Silver Spring – Colesville and Rockville, MD!

With Kickboxing Punch and Kick Your Way to Fitness with no Fluff, Just Results!
Did you know you can burn up to1000 calories in a kickboxing class? Once you try one of our first-rate kickboxing classes (NOW IN OLNEY, SILVER SPRING - COLESVILLE, AND ROCKVILLE, MD!), you'll be hooked! All our kickboxing programs are personally designed by 7-time kickboxing world champion Master Marco Sies. Every class is packed with fun, fat-burning energy — all to the blood-pumping, upbeat music and enthusiastic guidance of your black belt kickboxing instructor. Kickboxing it's the perfect combination of exercise and fun--exciting warm-ups, punching and kicking heavy bags, six-pack abs training, stretching and flexibility, all packed into a class that will pass so quickly, you'll be amazed!

Short On Time? Try X-KB!
In addition to our premium kickboxing classes, students have unlimited access to our exclusive EXTREME KICKBOXING (X-KB) classes. These turbo-charged workouts were designed for students who only have half an hour to spare, but don't want to sacrifice their workout. This thirty-minute turbo experience will be shorter in time, but NOT in energy or sweat!

Click here for more information on how to GET STARTED, or call 301-570-0010 (OLNEY), 301-384-0100 (SILVER SPRING - COLESVILLE), or 301-984-0700 (ROCKVILLE), and schedule a tour or a FREE trial class!
The kickboxing program at Master Method is the best thing I have ever done. I look forward to my workout every day. It's awesome!
Paula L

With kickboxing I lost 32 Lbs. It's the best I ever felt. Thank you to the Master Method team for making it so much fun!
Amy C.

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